Friday, September 3, 2010


Well guys this is my first post in over a year! So much has happened! The farm has been crazy busy as 8 months ago my daughter moved on to bigger and better things; University in England to be precise. It's not quite the same here without her, a bit quiet and so much busier. Thankfully she still comes back in the holidays to visit us and check out the farm.
So lately we've built a wee gazebo in the back yard. It overlooks the main vege patch so my wife and I can sit out in the warm summer sun and admire our accomplishments. It's a regular lunch time occurrence these days.
We've also netted some of the peas to keep the damn crows off! It was quite a rough winter for them this year, got a fair few of our crops. This meant less roadside selling for our son but I think he was quite relived. Too many years of it perhaps? Or just missing his sister. I think I'll stick with the latter.
Great news, my wife has expanded her wee card making business. She's now right into wrapping paper and bookmarks. The interest has been amazing!!! Definetly made up for the crows damage on the crops. So proud of my lovely wife :)
Tomorrow I have arranged to 'barter' with my neighbours. They have so many chickens!! We thought maybe they'd like a few buckets of snow peas in exchange for a chicken and the borrowing of their rooster from time to time. Fresh eggs anyone?

That's all from me for now. Time to harvest!

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