Monday, August 24, 2009


Oops! sorry guys, forgot to post this pic of my kids harvesting the peas :)


  1. How old are your kids Jack? Nice to know your grown middle aged kids are helping you pick your peas. Thought it might have been you and your wife!

  2. Hey Joseph,
    thanks for the comment! My son is 17 and my daugher 15. Hopefully a few more years of their help yet!
    Oh yes my wife also shares my passion in peas! Unfortunetly she doesn't get as much time with them as she used to as she followed her dream and started up her own business from hom (part time). She designs cards for any occassion.. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, partys... You name it, Sharlene does it!

  3. Good to know Jack. Just wondering when was this photo taken? The older man in the background looks to be wearing a waist coat I believe he is Amish? Is it you who lives beside the Amish commune? Maybe he is trespassing, I think you should check the photo out. And I believe as a dedicated farm grower and food lover myself that it looks like sweet corn or dill in your farm. Yes I believe it is defiantly sweet corn beside your caravan. What do you use that for Jack? Are you sure you are on the correct farm let alone picking and selling the correct product you advertise? I would be concerned myself if I bought snow peas to find opening them to find yellow sweet corn tucked inside! Maybe the pressure of the recession is too much like many farmers are finding these days? Or maybe living beside the Amish commune is a little hard on you and your family. Like to know how everything is going for you. Joseph