Friday, August 21, 2009

Well guys, its that time of day again... Time for me to blog :)
My 2 daughters and I have just come back from our road sales.  Today we sold 30 bags of peas in 4 hours... Good effort I say!! Shame we didn't package more up as I'm sure we could have sold more.  
Before I package some up for tomorrow, I had the funniest thing to share with you all.  When I was younger, my nana used to tell me snow peas were green lollies.  This was purely because I refused to eat my vegetables.  It worked as I have eaten snow peas ever since!  Anyway, a lady and her young son pulled up at our stall a few weekeds ago and the mother asked me how much the bags were.  I responded with $4 a bag.  Then the little boy piped up "But mummy, thats 2 bags of lollies we could have for the movies!"  I laughed and bent down and told the little boy what my nana told me all those years ago.. "Don't you know?  Snow peas is just a flash name for green lollies."  The little boys eyes lit up and a huge smile appeared on his face!  I grabbed a pea pod from the counter and said "Here, test them."  After he had eaten them, I asked what he thought of them.  "These are the BEST lollies I've ever had!"  He then proceeded to beg his mother to purchase more than one bag.  3 bags of peas later, the little boy and his mother got back into the car.  The Lady opened the window and said quietly "You're the first person to ever make him go near a vegetable.. You are a saint!"  "No" I replied, "That would be my grandmother."
Today, the pair came back.  I chuckled as soon as they got out of the car as 3 little boys came running at me screaming "Green lollies!!".  Apparantly, the little boy told all his friends how great these lollies are.  They now all have a favourite vegetable.
Isn't it funny how we can please young minds??

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