Monday, September 7, 2009

Drying Peas

hey guys, heres a new snack idea for you all.. Dried Peas!

- Firstly, you need around 500g of peas (because they shrink heaps!). If you want them to last longer, you can do the same with -- 1kg of peas but leave cook boil them twice as long and leave them in the hot water cupboard for a few extra hours at the least.
- Next, slightly cook the peas. You don't want them to go mushy!
- After you have cooked the peas, lay them out on a tea towel and let them dry a bit.
- As weird as this may sound, the next step is putting them in the oven! Use a bit of baking paper on the bottom on a roasting dish and spread the peas out as much as you can
- Cook them for approximetly 15 minutes at 150 degrees celcius (This will differ sllightly so keep a close watch on them. As soon as they start wrinkling, they are done)
- once they are slightly wriinkled, put them in a paper bag, scrunch up the top and put them in the hot water cupboard for a minimum 12 hours. You can leave them longer if you wish, won't do them any harm; the longer the better I say!

These make great snack before dinner, in the kids lunchboxes or even in front of the telly at night!

Enjoy guys!

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