Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun pea facts!

Wow! Long time no chat guys! Sorry about the delay in my blogging.  The pea harvesting has been keeping me sooo busy i simply don't have the energy when i get home!  So I'll make this a nice long one to make up for it :)

So I was just searching the net and I came across some random facts..
Peas have been used in the dry form since ancient times, and archaeologists found them in Egyptian tombs. It was not until the sixteenth century that more tender varieties were developed and eaten fresh. Today only about 5 % of all peas grown are sold fresh. More than half of all peas sold are canned and most of the rest are frozen.
5%!! Oh my god!  I'm struggling to believe that!  What a waste of these amazing healthy peas to freeze and can them!  Talk about kill the nutrients!  Don't worry guys, I will continue to sell my peas for as long as I am fit enough to plant and harvest them.. Many years to come guys, don't stress!

So an update on the weekend sales.. We reached a record high of selling 70 bags of peas and had an amazing 52 customers visit our stall!  This is huge!  If business keeps up, We're going to have to buy some more land!  Exciting stuff!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous fun filled weekend!  Be sure to stop by the stall next weekend to buy some peas :) Free samples!!

To end, here are a few simple ways to enjoy your regular snow peas.. 

Make Peas a Part of Your 5 A Day Plan
* Season cooked peas with fresh or dried mint, chopped fresh parsley, curry powder, or with lemon. 
* Add shelled green peas, snow and sugar snap peas to tossed green or pasta salads or to stir-fried dishes. 
* Snow and sugar snap peas can be eaten raw as a snack or with your favorite low-fat dip. 

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