Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just a little note

Hey guys
So today I took the family to the annual pea fest in Charagin. After a 3 hour drive there, we enjoyed checking out all the new and exciting ideas people had creatively used to make their peas into art. Is this possible you ask? Oh Yes!
What topped the list would have to be the pea mobile! Not only was it a mobile hanging peas, the hanger was made from peas, as was the string! And pea string help large clumps of snow peas shaped into little animals.. who would've thought?!
Anyway, its been a long day so I'm going to have to leave you for today. But on the bright side, here's a pic for you all to think about :) These were the finger puppets made by one of the locals, thought it was pretty cleaver!


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